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Saturday, April 19, 2014
All Starr Karaoke's 2014 A.S.K.E. Awards Show - April 4, 2014
Hi everyone,

Please visit the photos tab of our webpage... John and Sue of All Starr Karaoke put on a great show on April 4th. Please tell us what you like about our entertainment celebs and make new suggestions to any officer for improvements to the lodge.

You make the Moose better by being involved and showing your volunteer spirit. Thanks to everyone for your efforts and smiles, it's great to laugh together.

Season is winding down and so we await our northern residents in the fall; be safe in your travels as you redecorate the country.

The Labelle Moose will be even more modern and attractive when you return in the fall. To our full time residents please be encouraged and sign-up as many new members as you can to solidify our business unit and grow our fraternal unit and chapter.

To all the Women of the Moose, your chapter is moving into a new era and leadership is key.

God Bless and as always fraternally yours,

Lodge Staff
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Administrator's Message
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From the Administrator.....

There are so many members to thank for their outstanding support of the recent ceiling and conference room projects. Thank you all for your support and enthusiasm. The lodge is shaping up nicely. The smoke eaters were maintained and all filters/charcoal replaced. I would like us to consider no smoking in the dining room while there is a meal being served or other activities going on there. Thanks in advance. As always, there are a few folks who went above and beyond in supporting projects in the lodge -- a special thanks for your leadership and gettin it dun!

The men of the Moose blew the membership quota out of sight. We signed up over 50 new members growing from 250 to 300 current members in the past two months. For those of you who have signed one person up - the time frame to receive free dues for a year from Moose Int'l will expire end of April. So get busy and sign-up another member and get your dues paid for free. In addition, we are extending our new member fees to only $35 thru April. In May, Moose Int'l will reinstate the $20 application fee.

We could use some financial help on a few remaining items:

- 12 Conference room chairs $240.00
- The old liquor room is coming down to make way for two high-top tables and 8 high top bar stools - $880.00
- Still, we are looking for one or two large windows for the Lodge. Please keep your eyes and ears open.
- Additional insulation over the conference room and new liquor / pantry rooms - $300.00

Financially we have come a long way in just 5 months. Thank you all for your support. It all adds up. Beginning mid April, I will be looking for volunteers to assist in the cleaning of the lodge. Your suggestions and work around here has made a great impact for all of us to enjoy. We have a long ways to go. Your optimism and support are critical to continue the course.

Governor's Message
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Senior Regent's Message
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Recorder's Message
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