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Monday, September 22, 2014
Women of the Moose Chapter 1999 News Flash September

We ended August with two events. The first, we collected over $500 of school supplies. These were donated to the LaBelle Elementary School for which they were very gracious and appreciative to receive such a large donation of school supplies. We want to thank the Caloosa Bell for reporting this even in our hometown paper. The second was the raffle for the cooler filled with summer fun items. Libby won the cooler and we raised almost enough money from this event to help cover the cost for the three officers to attend the mid-conference in Orlando.

Speaking of the mid-conference in Orlando, we learned of new changes. The most important one is that of cross membership which was approved at the Las Vegas Conference in Las Vegas this year. We learned that the Women of the Moose are the largest women’s organization in the world. Florida was ranked number one with a total of 2,706 new members and growing

In September, a Child’s Identification Program at our Lodge. We want to thank the Hendry County Sheriff’s Department for providing this ID service. Face painting was done by Sabrina while Ms. Mary (our LaBelle clown) entertained the children.

We are planning a Children’s Halloween Party on Thursday, October 30th and an adult Halloween Party on Friday, October 31st. There will be plenty of food as well as cash prizes for best costumes. We are tentatively planning a Poker Run in October.

With your help we can accomplish a lot. As a member of the W.O.T.M. “you” are the Chapter’s most important asset. We can take pride in our accomplishments.
Words to remember: Coming together is a beginning, staying together is a progress, working together is success.

Sue Gentry
Senior Regent
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October 15 2014

Looks like summer is about to break out and some cool fronts are beginning to appear.

From a business perspective..... summer, from May 1st thru October were very slow. Our social quarters business was about 1/3 of the normal snow bird season. Throughout the summer additional funds saved from the winter were utilized to sustain the Lodge's financial responsibilities in the summer months. We welcome back the snow birds. The snow birds are our business.

The Lodge really needs our membership to step up to the "plate." Dinner meals, hamburger bar, lunches -- are totally supported by volunteers. If there are no volunteers - well then there are no meals. A healthy Lodge does not exist solely on candy bars and pop corn. I would like to thank Joe Ragen for his passionate support for lunches last season. Who is ready to help now?

It is difficult for a devote Moose member to understand some of the responses to a questionaiire recently completed by many of you. No food -- well no volunteers for the most part. No Saturday music -- well at a cost of $150 minimum -- we don't make enough additional revenues/profit to cover the cost of the music. The prices of drinks and beer -- oh my god....they are cheap. Is your loyalty to Moose about a quarter -- really? Food prices too high -- Kitchen sales are $28K for the past year -- food costs were $28,500.

Smoking -- About 1/3 of the folks on the survey want no smoking in the Lodge. As a smoker myself - I agree. This will bring on a big debate .. smokers are becoming a minority.

My final comments are basic. We need a profitable business. For 6 months we had to cut into savings to make our nut! Not a good thing. The machines are out of the Lodge because ATF claimed and in writing told us were in violation of gambling. There, ATF, claimed this is a felony. And if they returned to find the machines there -- we would also lose our liquor license.

More than ever, we need your help. Some days, I feel there is little support with in the Lodge. It is your Lodge, not mine, not the board of officers, either. We have Lodge meetings the first and third Saturdays of every month. No one has attended for 6 months.....



Francis W. Saul Jr

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